What do you do in long recovery intervals?

Just wondering what people do to multi task in recovery intervals. I did Hunter today which is 3x20 sweet spot but some equally painful 15 min rests. How do you spend this time? Any stay seated throughout the entirety of the workout? I couldn’t - my ass got extremely numb.

Shift between the drops, hoods, and tops. Stand some, slide back on the saddle, move forward.

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Mentally - Netflix! Physically - 20 secs standing out saddle every 5 mins or so during rest intervals


I would pedal at an endurance pace rather than a recovery pace if you can. Bit more effort, more productive, more calories.

Unless you need to really recover I normally find endurance pace feels easier and more comfortable. For me, training in a cold outhouse endurance pace also helps to stop me cooling down too much.

Personally I pause the workout when my heart rate has stabilsed, move the slider to skip the rest of the recovery interval then extend the cool down at the end but increasing the intensity to endurance or sweet spot.

As above I move around between hand positions a bit, stand up for a few strokes, etc. If your ass is really getting that numb then I think the issue isn’t what you do during recovery, it’s that your saddle and/or position isn’t really working for you. And possibly your bibshorts, though that tends to manifest itself more in soreness than numbness IME.

Numbness is almost always a sign of bike fit issues or how you’re anchoring your sit bones on the saddle regardless of how much power you’re putting out.