Advice on stretches that help you get more aero?

Hello forum,

I’m sure this has been covered before but I would like to ask for your advice on specific stretches/time in stretch and frequency that aid in the goal of getting more aero on the road bike.

I’m in my forties and have had some mild trauma in my lower back, 15 years ago. Nothing surgical, just muscular.

I would work on my core at least once per week and do basic stretching, quads/hamstring/calves/hip flexor stretches.I can only seem to hold that drop position for several minutes at a time and with discomfort.

All advice welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve had minor lower back surgery and I think you already nailed it;

quads/hamstring/calves/hip flexor stretches and core. Of course, the bike has to fit correctly.

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I think all the stretching and core workouts in the world aren’t going to correct an incorrect bike fit.

Before I got mine I wasn’t able sit in the drop bars for more than 2 mins at a time, now I can do it ‘all day long’

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Bikefit is key. After a decent fit it should be a comfortable position for at least 30min. It should feel natural and like a position that you would like to ride in.

To keep the position over a longer time t might require core strength training. It does not require stretching. Having said this you might want to stretch your shoulders after riding if you are swimmer.

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I’m 61 and incredibly flexible for a guy (and more than most women) with a very strong core to hold aero position or a sustained climb for an extended period without discomfort. Here’s how I have achieved it over the last 3 years:

  1. Robust strength training program. It’s not part of a cyclist’s DNA to strength train year round, but like athletes in non-endurance sports know, a strong core is key to all movement. Ignore the cycling wisdom of it being just a necessary evil in base training thing and develop a full body program (with a strength coach or trainer if you are not very knowledge about routines and proper form).

  2. Stretching and rolling after EVERY cycling workout! When your muscles are warm post a hard workout is the greatest opportunity to improve flexibility. If you build it into your routine - workout, quick recovery drink, stretch and roll, it will become second nature. A great place to start is Yoga for Cyclists.

Some key stretches to include to address your aero needs:
1 hip stretch (on one knee, upright, stretch up, back and to the opposite side of the kneeled knee
2a, 2b Child’s pose to Cobra and back again . . . slowly (Yoga moves - look them up if you are not familiar with them)
3a, 3b. Cat/Cow (also Yoga moves)

Note: Perhaps you will need to start slowly given your condition. FWIW: I have mild arthritis in my neck and lower back. All related challenges have been overcome through strength and flexibility training.