Recommendations of OTC hearing aids that are sweatproof, secure, and handle wind noise?

I have mild/moderate hearing loss, and I have benefited from using the Eargo ones at work, home, and restaurants. I don’t trust my Eargos, which are hidden in the ear canal, not to fall out when I’m riding, and I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations of hearing aids that are sweatproof, unlikey to fall out, and better at amplifying speech than wind noise. This would really help me enjoy conversations on group rides again.


Hi - I’m in the UK and it’s really the hospital/audiologist who recommends the hearing aids…that said, my son (18 yrs) wears Oticon over-ear with an in-ear mould, and what he’s found is wearing a summer headband that covers the aids was a game changer. When he started wearing it, we suddenly became able to have conversations whilst out riding.

FYI he has moderate/severe hearing impairment.

Hope that helps.

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