Custom Hearing Protection

Hello, I have a hearing condition called hyperacusis and I’ve been looking for the best earplugs I can get. I avoid going out this time because I am a bit of a paranoid when it comes to getting COVD19. So… I just want to know if anyone here tried buying from this website? They are called Big Ear and they offer home service for molding your ears for custom hearing protection and then they’ll mail the product within a few weeks. They also do have instructions for DIY molding where they’ll send a molding kit then you’ll mold your ears and send back the kit with the molds. Some of their products are really intriguing and of course, I’d love to know if anyone here tried their products yet. Any other recommendation?

Haven’t tried this particular product, but I got decibullz from amazon and like them. Looks similar.

I’ve tried decibullz before but they don’t really fit my ears well as I also have abnormally curved and narrow ear canal. Goddamn genes from my dad! LOL

I don’t have experience with the products of the company but I do own stock and custom in-ear monitors for music listening.
Also my ear canals seem to be somewhat similar to yours as I typically use the smallest tips with stock items and the hearing instrument specialists said “oh, that looks interestingly curved” when she took the casts of my ear canals.
(1) I can tell you that are way more comfy that any stock ones I’ve ever tried, so going for custom ear-plugs will probably be worth it, especially if you don’t have “standard” ear canals.
(2) I researched a lot before investing the money and also looked for diy casting but decided against it because a very common problem is that the cast isn’t deep enough. On the other end of things, you might hurt your ear drum. As a lay person you just don’t know how to do it right.

I would definitely recommend visiting a hearing aid specialist to take the casts.