Recommend rear clip-on fender?

Slop season is approaching on the Minnesota tundra. In the past I’ve fitted full fenders for the week or two of really wet roads but my current CX bike has no space for these. This leaves me looking for a rear clip-on.

Needs to be a strap design for fitment to a non-round seatpost
Lots of adjustability so it can clear a mono-seat stay arrangement
Not be a piece of crap that constantly falls out of adjustment

I’ve seen the Ass-Saver, SKS X-Blade and the Topeak Defender RX. I’m not certain any of them are going to fit/do the job. So, looking for suggestions for others I may have overlooked.


By AssSaver do you mean their traditional saddle mounted ones or the new stay mounted one. My mate has that on one of his gravel bikes and likes it.


I had good luck running something like this mucky nutz butt fender. Wedges on the rails under the seat. Questionable if it passes the must “not be be a piece of crap” bar or not but it worked reasonably well for me. Depends on how clean you are trying to stay I suppose.

I run the large one of those and whilst its better than nothing I still get lumps of mud in my rear pockets :joy:

I’ve got one and rate it. My rear light is on my saddle bag and previously would be covered and require wiping down, after fitting the wing it stays clean.

For £25 it’s brilliant. Lightweight and very easy to fit.

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I have this on order after last weekends messy ride. Hopefully it works.

I’m using SPEEDROCKER SET - SKS GERMANY on Diverge + Rhombus 700x42c (wide and nobbly tires). Diverge own mudguards simply did not fit on those tires.

Nice and clean during winter rides.

Second speedrocker user here (on a Giant cx) and they are very good, and covering most of the wheel. Taking on and off is fairly quick and there is no rattle in my experience. You still get some splash in the bottom bracket area from the rear wheel, but that is the hardest part to cover on a carbon cx bike without mounts. And the difference from an ass-saver is momumental, spray from the front wheel is a big issue.

So the question is: do you have room for them or not?

Plus 1 on the Win Wing. Also available in colors if that’s important. Easy on, easy off too.

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Thanks for the great suggestions. There are definitely a couple of choices I hadn’t seen but will now be investigating!

My favorite - Origami Rear Fender – Portland Design Works

They also make front fenders

I use the Asssaver, the model that attaches to the seat tube. Works perfectly on my gravel and road bikes. Tested in rainy, muddy conditions and not a drop of mud on my backside.