Fender recommendations

Need a fender for winter training on my Tarmac SL7. Probably one that clamps onto aero seat post. Looking for recommendations.

And another roundup:

Delivering today, SKS race blade pros. either skewer or through axel. we’ll see.

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Those look very interesting although I’m about to pull the trigger on regular and wide ass savers. Cheap, quick on/off, and its a La Niña year and lower rainfall expected.

I get it. Just arrived. I’m going to keep em. Colorado weather living 5k riding up to 10k. who knows. planning for the worst. Plus group really want fenders on wet rides.

I’m more a Gibson kind of guy :upside_down_face:


:guitar: :metal: :rofl:

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I got a few good years of service out of a pair of crudracers, mk3 I think they were. On the last brevet I did the rear finished cracking through and half the rear fender blew into a field. The worse thing about them is the semi-permanent velcro that they use, but it didn’t damage the paint at all and they were on the carbon frame for 3+ years. The instruction said a hair dryer can heat them up and make them easier to take off.

The nice thing about the crudracers is that the front fender was long enough that it kept most of the spray off my feet, and likely kept the chain a bit cleaner. The rear isn’t long enough to keep riders behind dry but I used gorilla tape and a piece of chicken wire to make a mudflap.

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I like my SKS raceblades pro xl. https://www.sks-germany.com/en/products/raceblade-pro-xl/. They are super-easy to put on and take off, and they work. They aren’t full coverage, but when the conditions are bad enough that you would need full fenders, you would likely be getting wet/dirty anyway.

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I’m partial to the Eric Johnson and SRV Strats.


I don’t play but Hendrix and Vaughn made some incredible sounds with fenders.

I have a telecaster but want a strat…wait wrong forum

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