Gravel bike fender options (also for light road)

Hello, any good, discrete, fender options for use on a gravel bike that would also be good for light road riding. I don’t plan to ride in full out rainy conditions but could pass through a wet section of road, gravel, puddle etc and if I can keep some of the wet and dirt of me and the bike that would be nice.

SKS Speedrocker….


I have a win wing on my bike, works surprisingly well and looks like it’ll fit quite a range of frame shapes.


I’m going to assume you’ve already looked at these?

I haven’t tried the fender versions, just the one that folds under the saddle, to keep the worst off my back and backside.

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Win wings say max out at 38mm tires. Any experience with 40-45mm tires?

I think my previous were 40s and were fine. Running 38 panaracers now with lots of space.

Can get a picture if needed.

Edit: @vanbc just looked at the order and I got the gravel version which runs up to 60mm so 45s would have plenty of room.

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Thanks, Amazon in Canada only has the 38mm for now anyway

I have mine on 40s that measure 42mm on the rim and it works great. I highly recommend.

Win wing is super good actually, tbo. :+1:

Allow myself to quote myself :upside_down_face:

When using the Win Wing put a bit of tape under the mount to protect finish. If you ride in really wet/rainy, sandy conditions (gravel), if it’s particularly bumpy the mount my move and scar the paint. Barely noticeable, but still not great. I use clear or electrical tape.