Recommend me some TV series to watch

Definitely! Outside of a few it is been dismal.

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Deadwood (TV Series 2004–2006) - IMDb 8.6 on IMDB…
looking at the sypnosis, it’s set in the 1800s hundreds… looks like a lot of drama at least based on the pic and the sypnosis.

Nowadays looking for more light hearted ones… like Rookie Cop (The Rookie (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb) and his previous show - Castle Castle (TV Series 2009–2016) - IMDb

I stoopped midway in S2, got kinda draggy and like you said, the 2 kids…

I’m in the minority that hasn’t even watch 1 episode nor even peruse the trailer at all. All the darkness (as in a lot of scenes seems broody and shot in the dark - to convey drama I suppose) is a bit off-putting to me. But I’ll likely get to it someday when I’m bored enough

Skip to episode 12 and 13 of season 3. Michael Cudlitz gives us the Lex Luther that we have been waiting for. Hope they don’t screw it up.

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No one mentioned LOST? :dizzy_face:

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if it hasn’t been mentioned, “Wonderful Losers” is an excellent documentary on (mainly) the medical crew and domestiques in the Giro (around 2015 plus or minus I’m guessing from team kit and bikes)


Suits - finishing up with it now. I enjoy the 40minute episodes, 3 to a 2hour Z2 works well.
The Big Bang Theory
The Office

Going to slot in The Blacklist after Suits.

And then there are some pearlers that have been mentioned.

Breaking Bad
Mad Men will be teed up or sure.

May be a while as I tend to watch (and able to ride on the trainer) live cycling, the last 2-3 hours has me glued to the screen for 7-8 months of the year.

  • Foundation: just finished season 2, and amazingly it was even better than the already great season 1
  • The Great: high energy and hilarious
  • Patriot: a slower paced, dark comedy-drama. So so good.

The Boys (Amazon) has been great. Clever and very entertaining though violent

The Wolfpack (also Amazon) was very good also

The Killer (Netflix) not a series but a film makes a great companion to 2 hour Z2 workouts, and I also rewatched the 3 Mel Gibson Mad Max outings recently for the first time since the 80s which each tipped the scales perfectly at the 90 minute mark


If you like the boys, the you should watch their spin off - Project V. Also very crazy, action packed and amusing.

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That’s next on the list!

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I actually might have liked Gen V even more

For those who haven’t watched The Boys or Gen V, just a warning not to watch them in front of people who might be sensitive to violence and nudity. I should have known better, but I started to watch Gen V on a plane and was feeling like a fool when there was a long scene with a giant penis. :man_facepalming:


That probably didn’t go over too well! :joy:

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Foundation (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb Watched S1… was a bit confusing, didn’t know S2 is out… Tx

wow… very high rating. will need to consider this.

Patriot (TV Series 2015–2018) - IMDb is this the one you’re referring to? also very high rating… promising…

can’t find Project V on imdb… or do you mean GenV? I watched that… v nice and cliff hanger for the last episode.

I’m on S3 and this is Riveting…

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Twin Peaks
Miami Vice

Yes Gen V is the actual name :man_facepalming:

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Hard to follow while not exercising!

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S2 was also confusing. Ended doing the Fastforward dance.

Funnily enough I have started Breaking Bad a few times and never got past ep 5

The first series is draw droppingly good, then it slowly goes downhill.

While you’re not watching Breaking Bad, you can watch the Norsemen on Netflix

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