Love My Headlight, Hate the Mount

Ok, I don’t hate the mount, but I do wish for a better setup. I have a Cygolite Metro 550. The mount has this ridiculously long screw thing to make it easy to attach/detach but it sticks up above the handle bars (I put the light under the bars) and can get in the way. On steep climbs, the light sits so far behind the handlebars that I sometimes hit it with my knees. Also, it can be difficult to get the mount to let go of the light.

I was looking for a mount that attached to the light on one side and had a Garmin compatible quarter-turn mount on the other side. I found a Cygolite-to-GoPro adapter and could attach it to a GoPro-to-Garmin mount but was hoping to skip the GoPro middleware.

Is anyone aware of a Cygolite-to-Garmin quarter-turn adapter/mount? What about 3D printed options? Thanks!

I use Cygolite lights and came up with this solution.
A K-edge out front mount.
Garmin mounts on top.
Has a GoPro mount below.
Got a 3D printed GoPro adapter for Cygolite from one of the crowd sourcing places. Forget which one.
About as clean as I could get it.


Garmin used to make an out-front mount with a camera attachment. I have one.
For the current out-front mount, Garmin makes an adapter that attaches to the twist-lock on the bottom that is meant for battery packs. I’m not sure if I would trust it with an expensive camera or light, though…

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