Recommendations for a quality quarter turn bike like mount (handlebars + rear)

I have see.sense bike lights, a Beam+ on the front and soon an Icon 3 in the rear. It is a small British company, and they make rather nice smart lights.

However, the mounts are not as great. My front light handlebar mount is quite wobbly, which annoys me to no end when riding. I’d like to use it on my mountain bike (with Shimano Pro Tharsis stem and Shimano Pro carbon handlebars), and I already have a K-Edge stem mount for my Wahoo. Hence, a combo mount doesn’t seem to make sense.

In addition, I’d like a mount for the rear light. I reckon this could be the same type of mount, provided I can rotate the plastic receptacle, the female part of the mount, by 90 degrees.

Does anyone have good recommendations for me?

Did you get a go pro style adapter with either?

If so, then on the front you could use something like this

For the back, maybe a Varia mount?


I definitely recommend the Varia mount above. This works very well and is extremely secure.

As for the front of the bike, I kludged together a Garmin quarter turn mount to work on the underside of the Garmin Out Front mount. It was also rock solid, but I needed the parts for another setup so now I just use a standard Go Pro mount. My light has a quick release lever so I can slide it off easily enough to charge, clean, etc.

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I had a K-Edge combo mount with Garmin 530 above, and Niterider front light below. Then I bought Tarmac and now have a Specialized combo mount with 530 above and Niterider below. In the garage I have a usb cable extender so I can charge the front light on the bike.

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I was planning on getting a K-Edge combo mount for my road bike, but for my mountain bike, I’d prefer something that doesn’t stick out as much.

BTW, you have the Max version or the regular one? (I have a Wahoo Bolt, i. e. a smaller cycling computer.) The Max version looks beefier, and lights are quite heavy.

Great suggestions. The light did come with a GoPro-style mount, too. Not sure whether that is any better, but I reckon I could replace that with e. g. a K-Edge one.

If the Varia mount works well, then that seems like a good suggestion for the rear. Do they have a version for D-shaped seat posts, too?

The K-Edge combo I bought will fit a Garmin 1030/1040 (?).

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And it can deal with the heft of the light?

Never a problem. The Specialized one looks like this:

With the usual post-ride charging.

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Thanks for sharing. :+1:

Given my super positive experience with my K-Edge stem mount, which is mind-bogglingly stiff, this is not a surprise even though I still find it hard to believe.

I have this one: K-EDGE Garmin Max XL Combo Mount - K-EDGE and specs show bottom supports 242g / bigger Niterider than I have.

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On the Rec-mount brand has some good solutions. when I get off home I will send pic of what I have done

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REC-MOUNTS GP Conversion Adapter, Type HED8 for Garmin Cycle Computer, GP-HED8-GM, Compatible with GoPro Cameras, Mount or Adapter

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Thanks for the pictures and the recommendation! Your recommendations are spot on, I’m pretty sure I’m going down that route.

I noticed you also have a K-Edge mount: is that the Max version or the regular one?

Max due to 1030 barely fits

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Even use for gopro quick mount

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