Rear Light for Apidura Saddle Pack

Hi, I’m going to do some bike packing in August and would like a rear light that can clip on to the Apidura saddle pack. Does anyone have any recommendations?

My moon LEDs came with both a clip attachment and rubber arm. The led itself clips on/off them easily.

Also got a seat rail and GoPro type mount so really adaptable. Can take some pics if you need.

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Definitely pick a light by the mount setup. Bontrager rear Flare light (lasts foreverever) and one of these mounts

  1. With hole poked in bag Bontrager Flare Rack Quick Mount Kit | Trek Bikes (Note: I think the light comes with one of these as a component of the fancier mount)

Thanks. My bag will go up above the seat rail, so the light would not be visible.

Clip should work then. I can grab my seat pack to show on my break later for you.

Here’s a couple pics, not on bike but you can see the idea.

I used, 2 Saturdays ago, my trusty Garmin Varia with the 7L racing saddle pack using a garmin mount with 2 straps

Sorry I don’t have a better/closer pic

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Thanks. I was thinking about a Varia, but didn’t know if it would work properly if it wasn’t properly upright. How did it work for you? Nice Tarmac BTW, same as me :wink:

With the 9l it is possible to mount it upright enough (two cable ties and a wahoo element mount required).

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