Recommendations Needed: Rear Light and Bell

Title says it all: I’m looking for recommendations for a new rear light and bell.

I currently have the Knog Cobbler Mid taillight. I love the light, but it has the worst mount design. Getting it back on after charging is a 50% - 50% proposition, so I don’t use it all the time, which I really should.


  • Bright with at least 6 hours, and ideally 8+ hours run-time in a flashing mode
  • a mount that works - duh requirement, but see above - with a round seat post and the ability to get a second mount so I can cover both my road and gravel bikes with a single light

On the bell: compact design, but loud. Use case is going over the Golden Gate Bridge and warning clueless tourists to pay f^*$&cking attention and stop selfying

Sorry no bell recommendation

1000X get a Garmin Varia Radar light 515 - best money spent in 15 year of cycling - absolute game changer

The stock mount is good - they also sell a aftermarket mount for round seatposts that is rock solid for $24


Spurcycle for the bell…hands down, without question. I can even get people wearing headphones’ attention. But be warned…it ain’t cheap. ~$50.

Garmin Varia for the rear light…I won’t ride without it anymore. As noted above, it is a game changer (and I was skeptical about it for a long time!)


Another vote for the Varia. I’m a gadget freak so maybe it’s self-explanatory why i love it, but I bought one for my wife this season and she’s noted how much she likes having it too.


I run a See.Sense Ace rear light. Super bright, small and reliable.

I’ve not had a huge amount of luck getting it working well with my Garmin - you’re supposed to be able to get it turn on and off when you press start and stop on the Garmin. Other than that though its fantastic.

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Moon Nebula is worth a mention.
Good battery life in flash mode, it can also burn your retinas if necessary, but not a hole in your wallet…

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Another vote for the Spurcycle bell. It’s loud, looks great and has a great sound that lasts. As noted above, expensive though.

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I have the Varia Radar now and also highly recommend. Previously had the Bontrager Flare rear light which I also highly recommend. Very bright and variable day flash. Should get 6 hours with it.


Moon Arcturus is a great rear light, had mine for a few years now no issues, You wouldn’t believe it’s only 75 lumens.

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Lezyne Strip Drive PRO. Easy to charge, long battery life, bright enough to be seen in the daytime, affordable, vertical design works with round or aero seatposts.

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Another vote for the SeeSense, had mine for nearly 2 years and it seems bulletproof. Used it nearly every day since I’ve had it.

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Garmin Varia all the way.

Was on my local group ride last night. Myself and two others broke away on a climb from the group. I then noticed that they both had Varia’s along with myself.

Heads up and calling Car Back was a treat to watch when their Varia’s flash as the car approached and passed.

Love my Varia and it’s now a first class citizen in my what gets charged after every ride regardless! :+1:t2:


Yet another +1 for the Garmin Varia. When I first bought it, my friend teased me a bit for running a rear light that size. I told him to add it to his Wahoo, so when we ride together, he gets the benefit of the radar. We literally went out for two rides, and then he ordered one for himself. If mine were to fall off and get lost, I would order a replacement the same day. We use the RTL511, which is the German version that has one light mode, constant on (blinking/flashing isn’t allowed here technically). Plenty bright, good battery life, and I personally like that it doesn’t flash. If I were riding in the US again, I’d get the flashing one (drivers here are more attentive). Comes with a mount that fastens with a thick rubber band, I bought the optional clamp mount that’s more secure. Once you ride with the radar giving you a heads up of stuff approaching from the back, you won’t want to give it up.


I pick up one of these and it’s pretty compact and gives decent sound. On a windy ride with a buddy he couldn’t yell loud enough over the wind on your left. But the bell I’ve got pierced through it like a champ.

I’ve heard this bell is pretty loud.

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I thought this could be a cool option. Nope…Fits from 21mm to 23.5mm handlebars.

Also, the ergonomics on it look awful…you have to stretch your thumb way back based on the pictures.

Is this the “rock solid” mount you referenced?

I came here to suggest the Varia as a great tail light - looks like I’m not the only one. I never thought of letting other riders connect to the Varia and get the benefit of the radar alert. That is brilliant. I’m the only one in my group with the Varia and I’m definitely going to make them connect to it.

Yes that is it - no rubber band holding it on


Do you recommend the original or the compact?

Never mind. Just seeing that the mini only appears to fit 22.2 mm bars.