Really, it wasn't a struggle!

Just started AT the beginning of this week. When I went to “score” my effort on the last two workouts, there was a message to the effect of “we know you struggled with this workout - why was that?”

In the first workout (Obelisk, recovery/endurance), I understood the message because my HR monitor gave some wonky results and showed me with a 160 bpm HR for 5 minutes. I understand AT can only work with the data it has.

Today’s ride is a head scratcher, though. I did Mono - 4 sets of threshold over/unders, and 2 X 20 minute endurance intervals. Hit my power targets, HR right where it should be for intervals of this intensity. I considered it a manageable workout - tough on the threshhold internals, but completely manageable. But again the message asking why I struggled with the workout.

What does the AT engine look at to determine whether someone struggled?

FYI, if you scroll down, you can find the “I didn’t struggle” option and select it. Once you do, you will have the normal “Pass” survey to answer.

TR is apparently looking at the triggers for which survey you get, but at least for now, we can override and get to a Pass when we feel it is appropriate.


Thanks. I saw that and used that option. I was just curious what TR was looking at to determine whether I struggled.

It does occur to me I stopped the Garmin for 20 seconds or so in the final interval to fix my RD (Di2 cable came disconnected). Would that have read as a pause from overexertion?

Maybe? I expect that any deviation within a “work interval” will be judged more harshly than something in a “recovery interval”. Both matter, and enough change in either can lead to a “struggle” IMO. But I think that the work ones are more likely to lead to issues from a closer tolerance on a pass/fail judgement

If it was your final work interval? Most likely the reason AT thought you were struggling, yes!

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Agreed! Here is a custom version of Antelope with a longer, more gradual warmup and recovery intervals at 65% instead of 40%. You can see that I dropped the intensity during part of the last two recoveries and still got the “pass” survey at the end.

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