Ratio of Gatorade and maltodextrin?

I’m new to drinking my carbs. I bought huge tubs of Gatorade and maltodextrin and am confused about the right ratio to hit 50-70 grams per 24 ounce bottle.

Search results seem to say 2:1 or 1:1 Gatorade to maltodextrin. Is this correct?


I typically do 1:1 Gatorade to Malto or 1:2 if wanting more carbs in the bottle without the flavor being as strong. Adding a teaspoon of sodium citrate really helps tone down of the flavor too and add some extra needed sodium as well.

There might be an optimal ratio but I haven’t found my stomach to be very picky about how much of easy I put in though.

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My recipe is:
1:1:1 Gatorade/maltodextrin/cane sugar +sodium citrate as needed
For a 1L bottle I use 50g/50g/50g

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I do 50/50 mix of sugar to malto, which is roughly the highest concentration I could tolerate before it felt too sweet.


I am not sure what the point of mixing the two is. If you are buying the $13 tubs of Gatorade on Amazon, 23g of Gatorade gives you 22g of carbs. Might not be the most efficient or best ratio, but I have been using 100% Gatorade powder only and works well for me.

Increase amount of carbs without significantly affecting the sweetness and adding a different source of glucose with different absorption rate are the two main reasons. Potentially cost too, though I’m not sure of cost per serving of malto vs. gatorade.