Homemade malto:fructose solution help

In need of help on how to mix malto:fructose to get 2:1 ratio. I’m aware of the debate on the proper ratio and not looking to re-ignite that.
My question: ratio is done based upon grams of carbs for each correct? Not weight?
As the label shows below my maltodextrine mix has 14 g of carbs per scoop. My fructose mix has 100 g of carbs per 100 g of weight. So, if I wanted 60g/hr in a 2:1 malto:fructose mix it would be about 3 scoops maltodextrine (42 g of carbohydrate) and 20 grams by weight of fructose? That seems like a lot of scoops of maltodextrine but I’ve never done this before so maybe not. Thanks ahead for any insights.

just get some scales and weigh it out - maltex is very fine and light, and doesnt weigh much by volume.

FYI, theres no benefit to adding fructose if you only want 60g per hour, and maltex is loads cheaper, so you could just use that.

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60g of maltodextrin is near the limit of absorption per hour for the avg person so there can be some advantage to using a mix to limit the chance of GI issues. You can also just use table sugar instead of fructose which is dirt cheap and 50:50 ratio for part of the mix.


As you can see on the malto label 1 scoop = 15g of weight approx. 15g of carbs (they state 14g) and fructose has 1g carbs per 1 g weight. I mix by weight and switched from a 2:1 ratio more to a 1.25:1 ratio, to see if it makes a difference.
You might want to add some electrolytes (sodium citrate)

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Here’s the link to my custom mix. For the malto I have, 60g = 1/2 cup.