Drink mix redux

okay I think I am going to far down the rabbit hole and getting confused. Someone please feel free to find the error in my thinking

I want to get 90 grams of carbs to train my gut to take this amount in each hour. I think I read we need a 2 to 1 ratio of glucose (dextrose) to fructose. Normal white table sugar has a one to one ratio of these two. If I make my drink mix with four tablespoons of white table sugar and two tablespoons of dextrose powder (with maybe a little bit more of each to get to the 90 grams) that should give me 90 grams at the correct ratio. Adding a little no calorie crystals for taste and I should be good to go.

This seems way to easy and I need someone to point out my error before I start experimenting on myself.

Yes, I think it’s pretty much that easy. You might trade maltodextrin for the dextrose at the high dose mix to help reduce the osmolarity. And some salt would be a solid addition. Using a scale might make things more repeatable… Given different people tolerate different brands and flavors differently, it may be perfect, or still need tweaking after you try it.

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