Rapha Flyweight Bib Shorts worth it?

I have a pair of Rapha Classic bibs that I love - but above 75F they feel too hot. I’m wondering if there’s really going to be that noticeable of a difference if I invest in some Rapha summer/flyweight bibs or other some other brand. Anyone tried these bibs?

I like them. They go on sale in the Fall normally. Buy them then.


They’re my favorite summer bibs. Anything 90F+ or 80%+ humidity and they keep things comfortable. I’m actually planning on buying a 2nd set in the fall.

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I like them, but I have found the Isadore Echelon Light hot weather bibs to be the best in extreme heat and humidity. Will actually bewearing some tonight.


I like them especially for indoor. And they are great on super hot days.

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I have both the classic and lightweight bibs. They are both great but I don’t really feel any benefit when riding in hot weather (90degF or 30degC) with the lightweight version. The fabric is lighter but that’s about it…I guess when it’s too warm you will just suffer. And for some reason I don’t like the material on the shoulder strap/back, it feels kinda itchy.

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Yes they are nice for hot days. The powerweave bibs will be out soon.

Here in Taiwan where it is w/out a doubt hot and humid. July has been daily highs over 90F w/feels like over 100F along w/+80% humidity. I don’t think they make a difference. Same for the flyweight jerseys. Once you’re hot and miserable, the difference is negligible. They will both be soaked in sweat. I cannot notice being any more cooler or comfortable in the flyweight kit. Furthermore, be warned that he flyweight stuff is delicate and easily snagged (typically the first day you wear it :joy:

YMMV :man_shrugging:

My flyweight bibs are probably warmer than all my other bibs, I’m not a fan of them. They’re made of a very thin material that doesn’t breathe well or wick, Which means they end up just getting saturated with sweat. It’s baffling to me, I’ve never experienced anything like it before with 10+ other brands of bibs. The only positive is that the chamois is really nice

I have two pairs and really like them in hot and humid conditions but I have the impression that the choice of jerseys makes the bigger difference. Comparing the flyweight with the regular Rapha training jersey shows a remarkable difference in material weight and breathability, when it comes to the bibs it’s not that obvious.