Favorite Hot and Humid Jersey

I have a Rapha Flyweight Jersey that is good for Texas summers. I was looking to add one more jersey, but I don’t want to spend another $180 bucks for a jersey. I was thinking the Castelli climber’s jersey, but am worried about fit. I’ve read size one or two up when ordering Castelli. I typically wear medium in just about everything. Any kind of UV protection is a plus, although I do apply sunscreen before going out.

Any recs?

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I love my Velocio Unity jersey for that kind of weather BUT it’s even more of a splurge. Maybe if they have something on clearance?

I love the Castelli climber’s jersey in the heat, lightest weight jersey I’ve worn. You can burn through it so sunscreen on your shoulders helps

For fit with Castelli it really depends on your build. For reference I’m 6’3", 170 lbs, and wear a medium bibs and medium jersey in Castelli - although I may size up to a large bibs next year as they changed the shoulder strap length this season

If you can find someone with a Castelli jersey you can figure out the size you would be

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6’2. 176lbs. Usually a Rapha medium and the same in castelli.
You should be ok with the same sizing in castelli. Also have the Rapha flyweight. Think they’re great, though not tried the castelli climbers jersey to compare.

ORNOT House Jersey. My go to jersey’s for our hottest weather here in Hawaii.