Ramp tests results- just showing the progression from phase to phase, TR works

Ramp test results- starting SSBHi Vol 2-

  • 282 -
    Then second ramp test starting my SPB Hi Vol 1 -
    Third Ramp test in the middle of SPB Hi Vol 1- (yesterday)

All tests and training following the schedule programs within at least 98-99 %- meaning I didn’t vary any workouts by much and only moved recovery days around and bumped up a few workout sessions in intensity.

I feel stronger and stronger. The workouts are just about spot on.

I want to say thank you so much to Trainer Road !

My first race this year will be 24 HOP so I hope to meet Chad , Nate and Jonathan in Tucson .

Training on my MTB on my Tacx Neo Erg mode. (Zero spiking issues btw)

I’m 51 , 6.0’ 165 lbs/74.8kg


This is kind of what I’ve been seeing with TR, 3% gains over the blocks. I once did have a nice 6% bump at one time. Definitely feel like a more well-rounded rider.

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The thing I will struggle with is when Spring and Summer hits , trying to stay tied into TrainerRoad and ride outside, balancing TSS. It’s easy when it’s winter.

Totally agree

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Yeah, I’m going to have to try and do this too.

I’m following a MV plan at the moment, but i’ve dropped that to low vol during the summer months to fit in my outdoor rides too. Hopefully that works!


I’ve only done low volume blocks because I like interspersing normal rides into my week. It also works into my work schedule better. All the things off the bike (work, errands, family life, chores, etc) factor into TSS and recovery. I’m don’t get how people who work full time and also do a high volume plan. One, I’d burn out quick. And second, you’re probably not getting the full potential from the training. Quality over quantity.

Sure I’d like to see 6 or 10% wins but not at the expense of enjoying bike riding.