Ramp Test, Wright Peak and 8min or 20min FTP test...considerations

Hello All,

I think the Ramp test and I are not good friends. I am 68kg.

I am following a TR plan, I use the plan builder, my main objective is an alpine grand fondo in July 2021.

I did the Ramp test a few weeks ago, 256W. I then did Eclipse, and Wright Peak no problem. I re-tested and got a very mild increase (259W). How I can do Wright Peak without really suffering but then struggle to clear the Ramp test? I will try the 8 min and 20 min test and compare.

Does this mean that I should ditch the Ramp test and do the 8 (or 20) tests only going forward? I think my personal weakness is sustained 320W (or above) but I can sit for a very long time on 270 280W no problem. Also, I think I have a fairly well developed base.


If you’re accustomed to sweet spot work and/or you have good muscular endurance, Wright Peak isn’t killer (especially if you’re doing the ‘minus’ versions that show up in the plans), and successfully completing it doesn’t mean your FTP is wrong. How did it feel? Was it an easy conversational pace? Were you breathing hard? Sweating?

Nah, but by all means try different tests if you’re interested and want to compare. Just keep in mind that the “right” test is the one that sets the most accurate training zones, which may not be the one that gives you the highest number.


What phase of training are you in? If you say holding the 320watts is a weakness why not pick a plan with some 120-130% VO2 max workouts in and get better at this. You might find this ‘raises your ceiling’ allowing to hold a higher ftp?

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How long is a long time? It’s definitely possible that the ramp test under estimates your FTP if you have an underdeveloped VO2 capacity relative to your lower aerobic systems. So depending on what you mean by ‘a very long time’ you’re FTP may be much higher than 259W.

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To add to this: If you hold 270-280 for a twenty minute test (using the actual test protocol, not just your twenty-minute PR), your FTP would come out around 256-266, which is roughly what you got from the ramp.


:rofl: :rofl: Thats me, though to feel better I prefer to think I have overdeveloped sustainable aerobic power relative to my max aerobic power (i.e. power at VO2max.) :slight_smile:

OP - Give the 20min test a shot. If you are more of a TT / sustained power type you might under test on the ramp test. They use 75% of your max 1min power during the test as your FTP. When I’ve compared my results for ramp test vs 20min test to estimate FTP vs subjective feelings during threshold / over/under workouts, the ramp test underestimates my FTP by about 10% where a 20min is just about spot on. My FTP hovers around 82% of the max 1min power from ramp tests.

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Quick update.

How long is the ‘very long time at 270-280W’? Sorry I should have been more specific. I did a climb of around 30 mins averaging 286W so it was outdoor and the performance might differ, with around 1 hour fast paced riding before and 1 hour afterwards to get home.

I am doing Base right now, the plan builder put together an alternating sequence of base then build then base then build then specialty to coincide with my major event planned for July, the Maratona Dlles Dolomiti in Italy. In essence, an alpine grand fondo.

I did Mills this morning, upped the intensity by 2% from the 2nd set and managed to finish without interruptions. Was hard but ok. But I do feel that VO2 Max is not my strongest and I need to improve on it.

I will definitely give the 20 min test a try as I am now curious.