Ramp test workout text

Just curious. In the Ramp test, Chad’s workout text says something like: “Will you blow up at 110% of your FTP, or 115% or will you make it all the way to 120%?”

If you blow at 120% of your FTP, it will be lower than what you estimated by quite a bit, or actually a lot.

Today I made it to 136% of my FTP and it increased from 270 - 275w. So +5w.
What gives?
Thanks for any input.

It’s a known “issue”, the text in the Ramp Test being nonsense. Not a priority to update it, I guess!

(See: Ramp Test Tips & Tricks)

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I guess it’s to make you feel good about exceeding 120% but yea I never understood it either considering breakeven on the last minute means holding around 135%

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I think it references the ‘new’ FTP and not the current. Honestly, I turned off Instructional Text long ago, so it’s not a bother anymore.


Yeah, turning off the instructions for the ramp is probably my #1 TR Ramp Test Tip. They’re fantastic if you’re brand new and your FTP is a wild guess and you have no idea how any of this works; otherwise they’re actively damaging :laughing:


Not to mention, IIRC, the “Coach Chad is impressed, yadda, yadda…” praise comes before the 19:30 break even point. That should come no sooner and likely around 20:00 to be proper motivation.

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Yeah exactly, well before! Like don’t tell me Coach Chad is impressed with a 10% (or whatever it is) drop ok, it’s not what I need just then.

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is 19:30 really the break even point? That’s good to know.

Yes…I used to think it was good to know…sometimes I wish I didn’t!

Yes, it is for certain.

  • But again, that presumes that you are hitting the power target from 18:30 to 19:30 with minimal deviation.

  • If your average power in that minute is notably higher or lower, that will alter when you actually hit the same FTP as the start of the test.

For those that are really interested in tracking the FTP through the test, use the “Show Live FTP” option that is for sure in the Win/Mac version. I haven’t used mobile, but I think it’s in there too.

That should be the most accurate indication of your FTP if you were to stop at that moment compared to the singular 19:30 point of focus. I do consider that general goal in my tests as of recent, and use the live option for an FYI.

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Great, thanks. I’ll try the “Show Live FTP” option. Not sure I’ve seen it on android, but could us Win version for that.