Ramp Test suggestion

Hi guys, I’m Marco from Italy. I’m a newbie to TR world and I would like to have your suggestion on a ramp test.
I would like to test myself in order to have a sort of time 0 during the lockdown and start working out with right zones. I’ve tested my ftp three weeks ago but the numbers on indoor trainer seems almost 10% lower.
I’ve got srm pm so it can send data via ant+ and Magneticdays as turbotrainer. This device doesn’t have erg mode but I can only select a magnetic resistance.
Is it possible to have accurate data also without erg mode? I was thinking to play with gears and magnetic resistance in order to pedals with my natural cadence.


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  • Absolutely, you can test without ERG mode. You can use the gearing on your bike and the adjustment on the trainer together.
  • you just need to watch the power target and adjust to keep as close to the target as you reasonably can.
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It will be fine. I’m also on a “dumb” trainer, you just have to work out what resistance and gearing works best for the range of target power in the workouts.

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In the past I’ve used the home trainer app to test my ftp.
I can set a sort of homemade ramp test incrementing 1W every 6 seconds, could it be ok?
What is the wattage increase/time on the TR ramp test?

Is there a reason you can’t or don’t want to follow the TR version?
It uses a 6% of FTP for each step (starting at 46% of FTP).

I won’t say anything towards the other test beside not recommending something I know nothing about.

No absolutely nothing against TR ramp test, I just thinking a sort of scheduled workout with my home trainer app in order to follow the TR steps.
Btw I’ll follow directly the step on TR app reading wattage from srm, easy and consistent.

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Yip that is the plan but tough mentally at the end😢

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