Ramp Test Math?

Hi. A quick questions as I do not think I am understanding the math of the ramp test protocol well?

During the workout Coach Chad mentions you will probably top out somewhere at VO2max range, will it be 110%… or 120%?,

However, my math makes it that you are going to top about at about 133% of your FTP (or a bit higher if you’ve made gains)?

If the protocol is FTP=0.75x Max 1 min power during the test, then if means

Max 1 min power during the test = FTP/0.75 = 1.33xFTP.

This is greater than the 110%-125% VO2max range.

What did I miss?


This is from here. I suspect this is a hangover from the initial wording and a different calculation. The TR team adjusted down to the .75 calculation after seeing lots of tests and subsequent workouts. If you were to base it of a .8ish calculation it would end up about right I think.


I think it is a lot simpler than that …you push yourself when you think you are doing well so if you think you are surpassing Chad’s expectations why wouldn’t you throw the kitchen sink at it! :laughing:


The ramp test leads you straight to peak power rapidly and you reach peak power once. 1min peak power will always be higher than the VO2max power target for sustainable, repeatable intervals. Therefore FTP should be stepped down from peak power more than from that sustainable VO2max target.