Ramp Test, Erg mode fail, what resistance to use, etc

I have a Cycleops Hammer that is no longer working in Erg mode (but that’s another issue). As a result, I’m taking the Ramp Test in Resistance Mode. Everything I’ve read describes a resistance setting of like 0-5 or something. I’ve never seen this.

The only one I see is on the screen (PC version) right next to the Erg or Resistance option. It’s a vertical slider going from 0-100%. I bump this up but I end up over-spinning to hit some targets or just run out of gears to keep going. Any insight?

Hey Ryan,

The 0-9 Resistance Level describes the level of Resistance when using Standard Mode. Standard Mode mimics the feel of a fluid trainer, where the power curve increases exponentially. Unfortunately, this mode is not supported by all trainers/ pairing protocols, so it may not be an option for your Hammer.

For Resistance mode, the Resistance is determined on a 0-100 scale. This power curve increases linearly, which means it can be a bit trickier to find the right level. That being said, you should be able to select a resistance level that allows you to hit your upper power targets. When you are running out of gears are you set at the max resistance, or could you bump it up a bit? If you are spinning out 100% resistance, that is indicative of an issue with your trainer.

A good range for most riders is between 30-60% resistance.

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