Ramp style over/under connectivity drops?

First I’d like to acknowledge that this is conceivably (likely) just a perception thing on my part, but figured I’d throw it out there.

I fairly consistently see bluetooth connectivity problems with my trainer on over/under workouts that utilize ramps instead of quick adjustments. This is workouts like Carpathian Peak and Meteorite.

It is extremely uncoming that I notice bluetooth connectivity problems on any other type of workout, including over/unders without ramps or sweet spot workouts with ramps.

There are, in my head, two likely explanations for this. Either I am having connectivity drops in other workouts but I don’t notice because they don’t happen to occur at the same time as a power adjustment OR that there is something different about the connectivity requirements for these relatively steep power ramps

The only reason I’m asking this question here is because in a group workout this morning @Toddcsmith mentioned that he had a similar experience on the same type of workout. I’m curious if others notice more frequent disconnects to their smart trainer on this specific type of workout.

Here are screenshot examples from my three most recent ramp style over/under workouts

And here are a few other workouts that, I think, provide a solid case that I’m not seeing the same frequency of disconnects on other workout types

Taylor +2 - lots of frequent power adjustments, no connection drops

Non ramp style over/under workout from this morning


I fully acknowledge that this could just be a case of noticing things when they are more impactful, but am simply curious if others experience the same type of thing or not

Hey @trpnhntr,

The reason you notice this issue more on ramped intervals is because ramps make dropouts more noticeable.

We only have to send one load set command to a trainer at the beginning of a normal interval. The ERG load is stored in the trainer so even if the trainer drops out or loses connection, it will continue to maintain the same (i.e. correct) resistance.

Ramped intervals are a little different. Because the target power is constantly changing, we need to send load set commands over and over and over again. If any of these are missed or get interrupted, the trainer will “flatline” at the last received target power before we can re-establish a connection. It makes these kinds of interruptions a lot more obvious when training

To eliminate these issues, you’ll want to address your training system as a whole and eliminate any possible sources of interference. This article is a great starting place for that:

If you are optimized in all the suggested points from that article, our Support Team may be able to guide you through further troubleshooting steps, just reach out to the team at support@trainerroad.com :slight_smile:


Very interesting, thank you.