Races in/around Georgia (USA)

I’m new to cycling and want to find some races to compete in during the 2020 season. Has anyone done any races (road, crit, etc…) in Georgia? I’ve had trouble finding races near me or getting a handle on the racing scene in Atlanta or Georgia in 2020. The only one I know about is the Grant Park Criterium which is right near where I live now. I’d like to participate in this in 2020 and am using TrainerRoad to get to that point.


The GA State RR course the last couple of years has been fantastic – VO2 hills that obliterate the field and scatter groups of 3-8 all over the course. Do it.

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The Auburn Crit is a good one. And is usually the first of the season. It’s in Auburn, AL. And the rumble at Roebling is fun at the end of the season.

I just saw a youtube video of a crit in Dahlonega. No idea of when in the season it happens.

Here is the best source of race listing ms in Georgia and the southeast.


You can also try the Race Ready app. Has a decent amount of races and events and you can set the filter for one state or multiple states if you want to search the Southeast.

Check the USA cycling events page, I just participated in my first crit at Grant park this year and it was a blast even though I was dying and barely avoided finishing in last place.


thanks I had not seen this page before. only looked at the group rides one.

I live a block from the start walked down to watch the cat 1/pro race. Should have given the cat 5 race a shot in retrospect and definitely going to do so this year. What program did you use to measure and record all your data and then layover onto the video?

I’m curious what type of fitness I would need to have to compete well in this. What was your NP for the race if you don’t mind me asking?

I love racing in Georgia!

The Rumble at Roebling and the Dahlonega Gold Criterium during six gaps are awesome events! This year I’m gong to try some of the speed week events near Athens and maybe a State race.


From what I can tell most of the riders in the top 10 of the 2 CAT 5 races have an ftp of 3.5-4.5w/kg. I am currently right around 2.5w/kg and just starting using a trainer and road riding 10 months ago. I weigh 215lbs to this course was brutal due to the amount of climbing. It’s still a lot of fun just participating and I have done 2 crits so far and set new 20 min power records each time. I have a video of the Dahlonega Gold crit as well and it was completely different than grant park.


I used a gopro session for video and the fit file from my garmin 520. I used Garmin VIRB software for the data overlay

I’m gonna try the grant park race next year. Looked like fun.

Dick Lane Velodrome if you are interested in track racing. It looks like they have great time there.

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