Southeast Events 2024

There seems to be threads for most other regions but I didn’t see a Southeast race/event thread. USA Crits is back and looks to be focusing on the Southeast for most races, and will overlap with Speed Week for some.

There’s also the Tour of North Georgia, Tour de Louisiane, and Dalton Grand Prix.

Couple small races here and there in NC. Winston Salem has the Guitars and Gears crit as part of the USA Crits series. If you consider VA part of the Southeast (don’t want to get into another Midwest debate), there’s the Tour of Newport News omnium and a handful of other races around that area.

Boone and Ashville have the Gran Fondo National Series, and looks to have races in FL and GA as well.

Then of course there’s BWR Asheville.

I’m moving to NC around July, hoping to find some events to do this summer.

Was waiting to see if this thread popped up. I race Gravel, MTB, and sometimes Road - primarily in GA, AL, TN, and SC.

Planning to do most of the Chainbuster Gravel events and maybe one or two of their MTB events:

Also planning 2-3 of the SEG events:

TopView Sports has a lot of road and some gravel, although they seem to always be moving event dates around to conflict with other pre-existing events(?):

I think everyone knows about Southeastern Cycling as the go-to site for events but here it is anyway:

Southern Cross is tomorrow and watching all the rain today I am glad I’ve still got fenders on. There’s been almost a decade of good weather and conditions so I suppose we’re overdue for some wet and muck.


Tampa has the Tampa bay Cycling Series and Miami has El Hueco and Piccolo. ESP Timing also does a series in the Palm Beach area and numerous gravel events.

It’s easy to race every weekend in south Florida.



Yeah, this has 99% of the everything you need to know.

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I’ve done a couple of SEG events and found them well run with good courses.

Bootlegger in Lenoir is good and coming up on April

I’m signed up for my first BWR Asheville this year.

Gravel: Hardford and Wauchessi(cancelled this year due to USFS) are great .
Gran Fondo National Series Helen, ga, Asheville and Boone, NC are solid routes with solid competition, are are very well run.
The mtb race you dont know about that is one of the best in the south is Five Points 50. Its really really good

I have not heard of this, thanks! I got super excited about the Opelika Okey Dokey, but eventually realized it’s the day before Mother’s Day, and this will be our first one with a baby, so I should probably not do that…
But I hope they keep it up!

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