Any TR users in Atlanta?

I’m not sure if this is allowed here or not, but I just moved to Atlanta and figured in a city this big there are bound to be plenty of TR users.
Anyone know of any group rides or meetups happening? I’ve been doing so much indoor training and solo (or two people) rides that my bike handling in group situations needs a lot of practice so I figured I’d try to start out right in a new city.

You’re all clear to post stuff like this here! While I’m not in Atlanta, I’d recommend that if you can’t find a ride group on this forum that you check out your local bike shops and ask them about group rides, or see if there’s any cycling clubs that you could join. I hope the move went well and you enjoy exploring all the new terrain!

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Lots of good group rides here in Atlanta. When I’m not on the trainer, I’m part of an EARLY morning group…we roll at 5:30am during the week (Tuesday/Thursday) and 6:45am on Saturday.

Best source for group ride info is the following:

The shop with the most group rides out of it is Atlanta Cycling Vinings (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday!)

Also, Atlanta is really spread out and traffic stinks. So if you live south of Atlanta, the North Atlanta group rides aren’t for you and vice versa.

Awesome! Thanks! We live in Brookhaven which doesn’t seem too far from Vinings

Our Thursday am ride rolls right through Brookhaven, around 6am or so. And yes you are close the Atlanta Cycling Vinings. Their Wednesday and Thursday rides go through Brookhaven as well

Welcome to Atlanta. A lot of good places to ride in Atlanta if you are willing to drive a little. The budweiser plant in Cartersville and Sosebee park I like a lot. I ride quite a lot solo out there and use my wahoo bolt to guide me with directions. Very safe in my opinion. Also the gaps are good if you are with a group.

What the others said about vinings cycling is spot on. Bought my Trek road bike from there and even though I dont ride with them I do like the shop.