Race specificity of Olympic triathlon speciality

What do other people think about how race specific the LV and MV plans are, specifically for the bike sessions?

I’m onto a non-draft Olympic distance in a month and I think it will rather be time trial mode with somewhat higher IF than during a half distance?

I’ve had great success previously with the half and full distance plans, this plan though seems off so I’m thinking how to maneuver.

I’ve used the LV Olympic plans for two on-road and one off-road events.

The bike sessions seemed pretty good for on-road, non-draft, with focus on sustained effort. The final workout before the event I did last week was 30mins with two 8 minute blocks just below threshold. Others will have much more experience than me for this sort of thing, but it seemed pretty good preparation for bike courses without any big climbs, where you’re going to ride around 95% of threshold for over an hour.

However, if you’re doing any offroad events where there are lots of short steep ups and downs, or a road event with big climbs and big descents then I think some adaptation is needed in both the bike sessions and in your power targets.