Race simulation

Just a thought after I watched one of the Race breakdowns you guys did recently, but could you not turn those videos (& by extension the CX races you do etc) into practice race days for some of the plans?

You could use the power profile of the race (broken down into 5/15/30/60 seconds averages or exact replica) as % of FTP matched up against the actual race footage?

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Sounds a whole lot like The Sufferfest…

TR is emphatically not in the “entertainment” part of the equation. You can pick any of the many race simulation workouts that exist and use any video along with them.

True, they won’t be “synced”, but I don’t see TR taking the time to make that happen with their direct competitor is already supplying that function.

For that matter, why not a TR module that could turn any power file into a race-replica workout. That would be fun.

Isn’t that one of the stated features of the Workout Creator?

The discussed this on the podcast - I don’t think they view it as something that will ‘make you faster’ (their self-stated primary mission) so it isn’t prioritized for them. It is certainly possible to do, but I think they view this kind of stuff as less productive than actual intervals with specific duration and intensity


I’m not familiar with the process. But I know it has been detailed in the FB group. It might be worth tracking that down and documenting it here in a post for easy access. I will try to do some searching if I have time.

Personally I can’t think of anything more difficult than simulated race efforts indoors without other riders for motivation. What kinds of benefits would rehearsing a race provide that the existing TR workouts can’t? Seems that most of the benefit of racing is the tactical experience rather than the fitness gained

Seems like race simulation of a specific race is the ultimate under the principal of specificity of training which they do talk about.

Also, there’s a lot to be said for the confidence of pre-ride…even if its a virtual free-ride.

I’ve done some racing and IMHO, by and large races don’t make very good workouts. Either they are too easy for large parts, or, way too hard and usually both in the same race. The power is also often all over the place. It is not a problem mentally randomly and with no warning bouncing around between 0 and 400w as needed in a race because you are totally focused on holding a wheel or making a move. But, have your smart trainer randomly doing that to you for an hour and i don’t care what is on the screen, you’ll be taking a sledgehammer to your trainer before the “race” is over :wink: So, even if you did this, you would not want an exact match of the power profile.

That being said, I do most of my TR workouts with a race of some sort on the TV. Often it is a World Tour race but, it is also really fun to do a workout watching on bike GoPro footage from domestic crits. Those videos are all over YouTube with every level represented from FOP pro racers down to local cat 4’s and 5’s. This puts you in the race with is a cool video distraction but you still get your structured workout in.

Tip - the lower category amateur races often make better workout videos since the packs mostly stay together and you don’t often get stuck watching an empty road "leading’ a long break away. Plus it is a little easier to pretend you are actually in the mix :wink: