Feature request..full race workout

So was doing a workout the other day watching one of Nate’s 1st person races and of course nate went for a breakaway. I look done and my cadance and power were way up with no change in rpe and an idea hit me. Let’s sync up a few races with exact workouts. When Nate’s coasting we recover when he hits it hard we have to hit it hard. I think it would be really fun

What you describe is pretty much what The Sufferfest offers. I’d be quite surprised if TR heads down that road (again… since they had originally partnered for that before SUF split).

There have been other requests for video integration in the last year, and TR says they don’t plan to do them.

Not connected to any videos, but there are some race simulation workouts in TR, that may be worth a look.

Go to the Workouts, and search ‘8DC’ to find the several years of the “8 Day Challenge”.

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Yeah I know it’s what they do. And its all they do. I love tr(went from 200-305ftp last year:) and picking my own entertainment.
I was hope for like a a one off deal. I’m sure if I had a spare afternoon I could make one in the custom workout

Could you somehow download the power file from strava to emulate in workout builder?

I’m sure you could find the race in Nate’s calendar or just watch the video and try and come close. Ex. Nate comes out of corner at 1000 watts then settles in at 340 watts for 5 min…this is a 300% sprint then threshold for 5min