Race in base phase

I am currently in 4th week of Sweetspot Base High Volume Phase 1, preparing for next season. But I am really interested in doing one final short road race Dec 16 this year. What priority should I assign to this race and do I taper for it? Or just mark it as a practice race?

Details of the race? It’s hard to tell you how to prepare without knowing a bit more info. Are you hoping to finish on the podium, or just finish? Going out for fun, or to help you prep for a race later in your season? What are your goals overall?

It is a club 62k flat race. Finishes up a small climb. Racing for the podium. This is in India. I will be attending college in US next fall. More inclined towards racing crits there (assuming training for them would require less number of hours which will fit better in my schedule). I am at FTP of 230 and weight 67 kg (~148 lbs) right now.

So you would probably be finishing SSB I a week before the race? You could repeat one of the later weeks (week 5 for example) to extend the phase, then let the planned taper of the plan lead you into the race. IE make the already planned taper lead you into the race and then start SSB II after that.


Ok, thanks.