Race Cancelled - need Plan Builder Advice

Gunnison Growler is cancelled so that moves my A race to the Gold Rush Gravel Grinder on June 13, about 8 weeks away. I did this Gravel Grinder last year: it is 70 miles of rolling hills, 4:40 to complete, 3700 vertical feet, 340 TSS and i did it around a .84 IF.

Tonight, i plugged all that into Plan Builder and selected Expert (i have been racing and doing structured intervals for about 4 years now) and i was VERY SURPRISED to see NO Base or Build and directly into SPECIALTY with a ton of VO2 WO (again race is 8 weeks away).

Now, if i switched from Expert to Advanced, it prescribes 3 weeks of Base, 3 Weeks of Build and 1 Week of Specialty, with a rest week. Therefore, selecting Advanced gives me way more Threshold work.

The race itself, rolling hills is seemingly mainly Threshold work due to its length.

What am i missing here. Should i select Expert (even though i am suspect about doing a ton of VO2 work)? Or should i go with Advanced and focus more on Threshold?

I was using Plan Builder for the Growler and I was doing a good deal of SS and Threshold and was doing well.

Appreciate any and all feedback from the TR Community!!

It’s been a while since I set my Plan Builder up so please forgive me if I’ve got this confused.

How many training hours/days did you select? Could the focus in VO2 be coming from what Plan Builder considers to be a shortage of time?

Could also be that based on the information you’ve provided for Expert, Plan Builder estimates you have sufficient Base and fitness/experience to handle this level of work.

Personally, I’d go the advanced route. That said, are you racing this event and if so, WHAT are YOUR goals?

8 weeks away, a bit late for race prep. you should have base already. I would assume that’s the reason.

You should look at your history of work, and your progression leading up to “today” in order to decide. If I were you, and that was my A race, you should already have a progression, and you should be in the tail end of build now.

What you’re missing is not what you think you are missing, but rather the plan builder doesn’t take into account history. it’s kind of cookie cutter.

What you should do is back date the plan builder from when you started your training and analyze the progression vs the plan builder.

IMO, you really need to tailor it based on your recent history, your training load, and zones. That will also mean taking into account your volume. The plan builder may give you too little volume, in which case you would be regressing.


I am signed up for the Gold Rush 110 mi. I am worried they will cancel this one too.
From there site:
COVID-19: Hello fellow cyclists. A decision will be made on May 1st as to whether or not we will be hosting the 2020 race in Spearfish. If we cancel our venue, we will be having the option of still ‘participating’ in our ‘event’ in a different way, or of receiving a partial refund (refund will be determined by how much revenue we have already put into the race, but would be a minimum of 50% of your entrance fee)! More details will be available once we make our final decision. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unusual and difficult times.

It has been asked and i failed to mention my history and where i am at now: i have been using TR and structured training about 6-8 hours per week since early January and brought my CTL from 22 to 60.

Yep, saw that as well, fingers crossed!

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I selected the 5-7 training hours, but i have been doing TR since Jan and have been averaging around 7-8 hours. My goals are to cut about 20-30 min off my last years time and finish Top 5.

I woke up this morning and asked myself the question, do i want to do V02 or Threshold and my gut said Threshold, so i am going to go with the advanced plan and do more Threshold work for the next couple of weeks.

I love that race and that area.