🎥 Race Analysis – How To: Cat 5 to Cat 2 in One Year


Respect Nate!
The high five timing at the end of the video is still cat 5 though ;p


Total respect. This doesn’t happen by accident :+1:


Nice work, @Nate_Pearson.

You mentioned that your off-the-couch FTP was 189 or thereabouts. How long did it take you to get past 300?



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You can see my last 4 years there. I really started to get after it in 2017.


I see.

Note to self: Need More Baxter.

That could be a T-shirt.


Wow. If I had to describe this… it’s kind of amazing. People fret on this forum about missing a workout here and there on the mid and high volume plans, and then there’s your calendar. Early in 2019, you have pretty good compliance. However, I don’t have to scroll very far to find periods where you’ve dropped entire weeks from a plan, and taken multiple 3-5 day periods off the bike entirely for various trips, or you’ve picked aggressively short -4/-5 variations to hit some time-crunched goal. But, you consistently get back on the horse and nail the next 2 hour workout. It looks like real life can turn your calendar into a mess, but progress will be made.


was fun to watch this compilation

it seems like you’ve done good analysis of your racing and the feedback from Pete/Johnathan certainly helped.
it’s also a testament to hard work on and off the bike, if I may extrapolate from the podcast. chapeau!


Spot when the ramp test was being developed :grinning:

@Nate_Pearson Hey dude… I’ll add to the kudos. The whole system is still blowing my mind… In a weird way it makes me feel old…I’ve learned so much, so quickly, using TR and digging into the whole system that I feel like I was almost wasting time for the last many years of racing and training…Oh, what could have been if I found TR sooner??? Lol.

It all feels like, for the past many years, I was just “out riding” and not “training” despite thinking I was putting in my time, now I’m playing catch up. I’m not really going anywhere specific with all this. So I’ll finish this rant…now. Thanks for the post