🎥 Race Analysis: Controlling the Race with Team CLIF Bar


Great video. Though, in my area and categories people rarely race with team [tactics]. Have there been any podcasts about tactics for independent racers?

Many of our race analysis videos feature a solo rider going for the win, so you should check those out!

Here is the full playlist we have:

To get you started, I recommend checking out our video on “What to Do When You Bridge to a Breakaway.” There are a TON of good tips there.

I hope that helps. Thanks for watching! :+1:

If you want similar information through The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast, I recommend starting with these videos…

The first is a Quick Clip from Episode 174 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast on how to use the course to your strengths:

Next, check out this Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast Episode (235) as it has a lot of good information to improve your skills in group rides, and for people to be successful after upgrading to Cat 2. Both topics have great info that can be used across the board.

Here are links to those specific topics:

This is great!! Thank you Tucker, I’ll look into these