Quick Workout Comparison Question (The Priest +2 vs Clark)

Quick one… what do people think is likely to be the more difficult of these two? Asking as I (stupidly) subbed in Priest +2 last week as I was feeling pretty tired, but I suspect that what I was originally supposed to do was probably the easier option.

Priest +2 - 5 x 30 seconds at 150%, 12 minutes at 95%

Clark - 6 x 12 seconds at 200%, 8 minutes at 88-94%

I’m leaning towards the former being tougher because of more time spent close to FTP without a break.

I’m wondering if Wrangell - 2 x 30 seconds at 150%, 29 minutes at 94% might be the better follow up this week (assuming I’m feeling well rested). Another option which might be slightly more achievable is Redoubt -1 - 2 x 30 seconds at 150%, 29 minutes at 92%.

Edit - Interestingly the Adaptive Training system seems to think that Clark (9.4) is harder than Redoubt -1 (9.3), but I’d much rather do those slightly tougher (but much shorter) hard starts with an 8 minute interval than do a 29 minute interval!

My quick bet would be on Priest +2. It has a slightly higher IF and holds you to close to threshold for longer.

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Priest +2 looks harder. But hard is a subjective term, some hate SS, some hate Vo2. The higher IF, more TSS, and more kjs makes me think it is harder.


Priest +2 is Threshold 5.0 and Clark is Sweet Spot 8.4 FWIW

48min of SS is an 8.4??? What is something like Wright Peak or similar

Sweet spot 10 for Wright Peak

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48 minutes of SS with hard starts and 3-minute recoveries is 8.4. 5x10 with 6 minutes recovery (Antelope) is 5.5.

Yeah, I think the hard starts make the difference on those. Feels like a lot of lactate to recover from.

LOL this reminded me of an old 80s song from Laurie Anderson “Smoke Rings”

La primera pregunta es: Que es mas macho, pineapple o knife?
Well, let’s see.
My guess is that a pineapple is more macho than a knife.
Si! Correcto! Pineapple es mas macho que knife.
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Uh, lightbulb?
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Gracias. And we’ll be back in un momento.

Right now I’d rather do The Priest +2 :joy: and to be honest I like both formats. Not sure which one is mas macho :thinking: guess I think of Clark as more of an early-mid base workout and The Priest as a late base workout.

Now that’s a properly random song!

Because swapping out rides on the basis of “que es mas macho?” can be as random as asking if a school bus is tougher than a lightbulb. 😵‍💫