Questions about the use of ant+ devices for laptops(tr and zwift)

First, I will explain how I use it.
The laptop runs traineroad as well as zwift, and my cycling station can only output a bluetooth as well as ant+ signal, where the bluetooth is already connected to my watch, so the laptop can only receive ant+ related signals.
I only have one ant+ to usb device
I tried opening trainerroad to connect the ant+ to usb device and zwift won’t recognize the ant+ signal, so must there be two physical ant+ to usb devices per program? Do I need to buy another one now to enable the laptop to run two riding programs at the same time?
Also, I know there is a device that enables ant+ to bluetooth, but I can’t buy it because I’m in China and can’t mail it to China

Yes, you must have one ANT+ USB stick/device per application.
One ANT+ USB device cannot be shared with two applications.