Question regarding average power

I just changed my wheels last week from CLX 64 to the new Rapide CLX wheels. They feel lighter and a little more nimble than the 64’s. I also recently changed my bottom bracket to a steel bearing GXP bb and I was running ceramic.
Previously my average power was around 230 and my NP was around 240-245. Strangely when I went from ceramic to steel my average power dropped to around 215-220 and my NP is around 225. After changing the wheels now my average power is around 200 and my NP around 215. I know each ride is different with wind and other conditions and my pace is very consistent from day to day.
My question is are the new wheels and new STEEL bearing bb saving me that many watts???
Sorry for seeming ignorant but I just started riding with a PM in February so training with power is still a little new. Thanks for any input!

No. It’s in your head or a coincidence.

What kind of power meter do you have?


The answer is no. The power meter is measuring at your crank or crank arm. If the new wheels were faster then you’d go faster for the same power output.


It’s a quarq PM.


Has nothing to do with that. The difference (if you were to look at one) would in any case be the speed produced at the same power. Since the change in wheels is very small, even looking at speed would be hard to know if it was actually the equipment or anything else.

On the other hand, since you changed BB, make sure that you zero the power meter after the installation :slight_smile: (and before every ride).

That’s probably the only thing that could be creating issues if it’s newly installed.

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How do you zero the PM?

Either on your bike computer, or through the SRAM app (Since its a QUARQ)

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