What to make out of these numbers?

Hi guys,

I did a ride yesterday with a friend who’s a lot stronger than me. With some really surprising power numbers. My FTP is 141. And over the 1:25h of the ride I did an average power of 152 with a NP of 144.

Can I consider my ftp grew?

Second by looking at the file it looks like I spent over 21 minutes in the neuromuscular zone.

Then I rode another hour at an average power of 120W and NP of 123. Out of which 30 minutes were a sweetspot or above.

What should I make out of those numbers?

Thanks for any pointers.

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Difference between the power meter of your turbo and that on your bike? Or do you use the same for both?

It is very unusual to have AP greater than NP.
How did you test your FTP?

I use a vortex on turbo and left sided 4iiii PM on my bike. Last time I checked the vortex read 10% over PM probably mostly due to left-right imbalance. I did a 0 offset just before the ride.

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I tested FTP with a ramp test about 5 weeks ago and had a full recovery week last week. I felt really good in every aspects even by the end of the first ride I didn’t feel any real tiredness. It felt I had worked, but not drained.

Your FTP is probably set too low then.
Try another ramp test with the intention of lasting 19:30 minutes. Anything above is an improvement

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Stick FTP at 160 and go bash out some intervals this week and see how you get on :crossed_fingers:

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Ask your friend to stand next to you when you do the next ramp test. I think the presence of your friend on the ride made you push harder for longer. Pushing yourself in an FTP test is also a skill to learn.


Ha ha! I usually ask my kids to start yelling/encouraging me at the 18th minute. I heard FTP is usually higher outside. But I did not had this feeling 3-4 weeks ago. I’ll redo a ramp test. tomorrow. with both trainer and PM on the wahoo to see the difference.

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