Question on Power Match

Sorry if this question been asked before. Currently I used Assioma Uno with Magnus Smart trainer. Both are offset around 10-15 watts, while Assioma seem to read lower watts than Magnus. Question : If I use power match to neutralize this offset, do they effect my current FTP value. My current FTP has been tested by Magnus smart trainer not Assioma. My guess is that once I use Assioma on Ramp test, I should be able to see +10 watts increase from this offset.

Appreciate your answer.

If your assioma reads lower your FTP on the ramp test should be lower than with your trainer. Choose one source of power and stick it it (assioma would be logical choice as more reliable and coherent with outdoor riding)

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Thank for the reply. FYI. I just start using the Assioma with power match for my workout plan and found it difficult to achieve. In this regard, I think the FTP that been test before by Magnus should be retest again by Assioma. Otherwise, I will ride harder (probably 10-15 watts) in the workout plan.

Simply to conclude that, every time you change your power meter, you need to retest your FTP again to ensure that it match with the new powermeter.

Exactly that.


I used to have a Magnus trainer. It read high. I would agree with the previous posters. The Assioma’s are very accurate. Re-test using them. Your FTP will be lower but will correlate to outdoor riding. The FTP is just a number … you will get the same training effect and with less frustration when you ride outdoors.

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Any time you change your power source you should retest.