New Power Source - Lower FTP - How Will AT change my workouts?

I’m going to redo my ramp test using my Assioma’s so I have a consistent FTP indoors and out (Kickr reads ~13% higher than pedals). Does anyone know how AT will interpret the sudden decrease in FTP? As in will it just recalibrate all the numbers down but keep the same workouts, or will it assume I’m unwell or over trained or something, and reduce the intensity and power?

Thanks in advance

It will lower your ftp but keep your progression levels, so really nothing should change for you if you set trainerroad to power match

That’s a comforting idea btw that assiomas read 13% lower than kickr

I can confirm this. I had a nearly identical situation earlier this year.

I’m not sure whether the Assioma’s are underreporting, the kickr is over reporting, I have a massive left/right leg imbalance or a bit of everything. Either way. It’s a blow to the ego when I do all my TR workouts with an FTP of 282 and I get outside and it’s closer to 260.

Doesn’t really matter as long as it’s a consistent measure as you progress your training.