Kickr V5 - TrainerRoad - Quarq Power Meter - integrating Left/Right Power on TR Screen

Just bought a new Kickr V5 and my first time at cycling indoors, I am so raw.
I currently get my training plans from my coach whom loads them into Training Peaks, which is then pulled by TR & Garmin into those accounts.
The issue I have is my HR is taken from my wrist watch Fenix 6X Pro and pushed to Trainer Road which is not a problem (via Virtual Run mode )and TR takes all power from the Kickr, my question is how do I get the Left / Right data from my Quarq Power meter onto the Data Screen when using TR on an Ipad? is that even possible?.

If anyone can assist that would be great as I am all so new to this technology.

I don’t think TR records or display power balance data.

Correct, TR does not use, show or record split leg power in any way. You need to use something like a Garmin head unit to see and/or record that data.

You can’t get the left/right balance data but you can instruct TR to read the total power from the quarq instead of the kickr if you would rather?

If you really want the left/right data you will need to record it with something else as suggested above.

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As others mentioned…

However, don’t trust your L/R number from quarq anyway as it’s not real. Just a guestimate. Since there’s no actual sensors on your left side…

You want the same power meter inside and outside. That would be your Quarq.

Simply pair both the Kickr and Quarq in the TrainerRoad app and make sure PowerMatch is turned on (should be the default).

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Many thanks everyone, love the feedback and will implement as per above.

I think this is a long overdue feature request. Perhaps not live, but I want TR and all the platforms that use ANT+ to at least record the data transmitted. Pedal dynamics aren’t as much a real time metric anyway (except maybe L/R balance). I always run redundant recording on my head unit to have that data in Garmin Connect for later review. It would be nice not to have to delete the duplicate file from all the platforms to have it.
I’ve never asked the question, from a developer standpoint, it seems like a simple thing, but none of the platforms do it. I know it’s not a huge market, but it’s not like a mind-blowing feat to collect data points that are cultivated and served up as essentially 1s and 0s. TR doesn’t even need to do anything with it, just let it go to other software that can. It’s an enhanced value thing rather than a direct benefit I suppose…


Especially on dual sided power pedals it’s useful to be able to ensure one of them isn’t drifting or dropping out by checking the left right data.

I’d also like to be able to use a feature I’ve paid favero over the odds for even if it’s useless :joy:

Like @sarah said - TR don’t have to display it live or even show it on the TR website but just record the data into the .fit so we can view it on Garmin connect.

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its another reason I started dual-recording indoor rides, eventually simplifying down to recording all rides on my Garmin. One device for all training, indoors or out. The explosion of apps like TR and Zwift and FulGaz and … make it clear that I’m an outlier for actually liking and preferring a single device (my Garmin) for guiding and recording all workouts (indoors and outside) :man_shrugging: Reduce your cognitive load and cycle The Social Dilemma way! :joy: