Any way to tell if TrainerRoad is receiving Dual Ant+ data?

If anyone knows before I contact support…
I have a Pioneer Dual leg power meter. It is Ant+ only. I record with my Bolt simultaneously along with TrainerRoad. TrainerRoad is getting the power data via the NPE Cable device. The Bolt sees data from both legs, but not apparently TrainerRoad. I am viewing both sets of data in Golden Cheetah.Trying to narrow down if, and where, there is a problem.
I want the Bolt out of the picture for indoor stuff.

Hmmmmm… seems like TrainerRoad is reading the power from both sides. Both legs are displayed on the graph I believe, but it does not appear to export that data. At least looking at the file it shows “Power”, but not power per leg. I assume that TrainerRoad combines both legs before export . I really wish that TrainerRoad would export both leg data. I was hoping to look at my pedaling indoors to possibly correct any way out of whack balance issues.
I think I will contact support.

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Hey @Scottfa,

We register the cumulative power from both legs, but we do not support L/R power balance at this time :pensive:.

If you want that data, your best option is to dual record using TrainerRoad and your Wahoo Bolt.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

According to TrainerRoad support the two power numbers are not left/right power but actual/target power, which makes sense.
Tried the Wahoo fitness app and it behaved the same… No right/left just one number.
Downloading from the Wahoo Bolt does include left/right power info. Support suggested that it might be a Bluetooth limitation but is going to check on it.
Little confusing as Bryce stated that the power is cumulative (both legs added together) and the other support person stated that only the right leg power is used. I suspect that Bryce is correct.

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Got the reply, Bryce is correct…