Question about skipping workouts or doing three days in a row

Morning, Everyone!
I’m a first responder and have gotten stuck a work a few times this last week (F you COVID19), so my week (Low volume, Base (?)) has gotten pushed back… I did my first of three just now. Should I do the last two for the week one per day (tomorrow and Sunday) or skip one? I remember Chad saying that it would be wise to not do three days in a row (to a different question)…

How are you feeling? Tired or psyched? Will you be able to rest Monday, or is it straight back to work?

Play it by ear after tomorrow’s workout. There’s no rule that you can’t do three in a row, especially base. If you’re tired I’d push it back, cancel it or change it to a recovery or endurance ride.

If you have the time to ride, break up the intensity. You could do some combo of easy endurance and one ride with intensity.

Or, at the most do a ride with intensity, easy endurance, and then intensity the next day.

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