Question about a bump in FTP

So yesterday I got a 6% bump in my FTP (280 → 296) after 4 weeks of training, 8 weeks out from an event I am targeting (basically two days of climbing for 5-6 hours).

I dismissed the FTP update because I didn’t want TR to lower my progression levels, which would probably set me back to 6-12 minute sweet spot and threshold intervals from the 20+ minutes ones I am supposed to be doing.

Was this the right decision?

I’m not really into flexing the numbers. I am happy as long as people are dropping from my wheel, and I can hear them weep.

If you prioritize time in zone than it’s the correct call. (Which it sounds like what you’re doing).

I think you just need to pay attention to RPE. If hard things feel easy than a bump might be warranted to ensure training in the correct zones.


A couple of basic discussions on the idea here, but as ever the “it depends…” idea applies:

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Let’s assume you’re trying to extend intervals at 90% of FTP (252W = 280W x 90%). Whether you formally accept new FTP or not, it is still 296W (at least AI thinks so). If you continue extending intervals with old FTP, then you actually do it at 85% = 252W / 296W of intensity now i.e. in tempo zone instead of sweetspot, which starts from 88%, IIRC.

So, if you want to continue extending intervals with new power at same intensity, it should be done at 266W = 296W x 90%.

Anyway, you might be still able to continue extending intervals with new FTP. It is just matter of finding good workouts with new PL that has desired interval lengths. Take a look at workouts catalogue for team More Sweet Spot!

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Thanks. I am operating under the assumption that I need to do some training before I’m able to do the same duration of the same percentage of the new FTP. Hence not accepting the new number.

The old number feels right to me. Heart rate agrees as well.

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