Quarq Users - Would you recommend?

They still sell GXP spiders. I just purchased a GXP Dfour 3 months ago and use it with GXP BB in a trek checkpoint.

My kingdom to find a GXP anything on their webshop right now… https://www.quarq.com/product-category/road-triathlon/roadtri-power-meters/crank-power-roadtri-power-meters/

Maybe I’m not looking at the right place…

I may well be wrong, but I think they pushed all their chips into the “Dub” pot and are full speed ahead with that “standard”. It seems to replace most/all? other options they used to offer. Might have to find new/old stock at vendors now?

Sram sells a GXP crank for Trek and Pinarello, where you can’t fit a spindle diameter bigger than 24mm. Just pair it with a spider, and you’re good to go.



Nothing but good things to say about the two quarqs I have used. Both are rock solid! Compare that to friends who use Garmin, Stages and Pioneer and I hear all the moaning about all the issues they’ve had. Not to say Quarq is perfect, but I’ve found them to be very reliable and the one time I did have an issue (a la 2013) they handled it great. Their customer service is top notch.

I´ve got one on my MTB and one on my cyclocross bike. Got them brand new. The DZero Eagle had a rattling noise in the crank. I sent it in and got it replaced. No trouble since then.
On the CX bike I unfortunately got one of the units that gets messed up numbers when a chain drop happens. Happened to me on a workout uphill. When shifting on the small chain ring the chain fell to the inner side. After that it wouldn´t calibrate anymore. Didn´t get it replaced. Bought a new one. No trouble with that one either. Make sure you get a new model and not one that has been lying around for a year.

If you need GXP and a Quarq GXP is hard to find, I really like Power2Max, too. They’ve got a SRAM 3 bolt spider that works with SRAM 3-bolt S900 or Force and Rival 22 cranks. The 3-bolt SRAM cranks are getting a little hard to find, but are out there still.

This exactly!! You have to get a Dfour or Dzero spider then also order the sram gpx crank made for trek and others that was linked to above. You can even get the bb from quarq. Best to call quarq. They are very helpful and will tell you what you need.

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I have two Dzero GXP units with the Sram/Quarq carbon fiber crankarms. One is setup with a 50/34T double ring on my road bike, the other a 42T single ring on my gravel bike. Both flawless thus far, and track almost identical to each other. Highly recommended, but as with all tech gadgets your mileage may vary!

have only used Quarq for 10 years (not sponsored) and love it. Amazing customer service.

Ive been using Quarq since 2010 and had 2 issues, with probably 6-8 Quarqs total. Any time there was an issue, it was handled immediately, with excellent customer care. Cant say enough good things about value and quality.

Quarq DZero user, I like it less than a L-sided only 4iiii, but otherwise it hasn’t been any problem. 4iiii about half the price too

I have Quarqs on two of my bikes (gravel & dedicated trainer), and am kicking myself that when I got my new roadbike I went with a dual sided Pioneer on an Ultegra 8100 crank instead of a Quarq. I’m thinking of switching out the Pioneer for a Quarq Dzero DUB.

The Quarqs have been flawless. No complaints, no issues at all.

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I have 2 quarq dzeros, on on road bike and one on TT bike. Love them. Selling one of them though to get a quarq for my MTB (will swap the one back and forth between road and TT). It’s a SRAM Red hidden bolt BB30/386 130 bcd 172.5mm, comes with 53/39 sram rings. $500+shipping if anyone is interested

My Dzero has worked without a glitch for four years. Would recommend it.

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If you would have asked me a week ago, i’d have said the same as most people above: Reliable, always works and from what I’ve heard great customer support. Unfortunately, when I went out riding last weekend, I noticed i didn’t get any power figures, cadence was working. So I did a new zero offset, value was up to -32000. Some googling learned that this was the well known ‘dropped chain’ issue. I found out on the Slowtwitch forum that Quarq acknowledged this issue and changed production processes in 2018 to overcome these issues. Unluckly, my unit is from 2017 meaning: out of warranty and without the changes of 2018. I didn’t recall that I dropped a chain, but this may have happend when I was cleaning after the last ride I did with a working Quarq.
I did contact customer support with above findings and asked them for a solution and to be a bit flexible with their warranty timeframe, since it was a well known issue which wasn’t solved on my unit. Unfortunately they had no sympathy with my issue and just stated: It’s out of warranty, sorry we can not do anything for you.

If I read this topic, I see primarily positive experiences with customer support, also on other out of warranty items, so for me it is quiet shocking that their responses to me are so negative.

I’m not even going to read this thread – the answer (to me) is so obvious!

Quarq. FTW. Have them on both bikes (Canyon and Pinarello). ROCK F&#ING SOLID. Zero issues. Zero regrets.

Quarq DZero on my gravel/CX bike. 2 years in an not a single problem.

yeah! That used to be my experience as well. Was even promoting the Quarq last week on another forum. However, my experience changed in a week; when sh*t hits the fan, support from Quarq is marginally.

I have them on both bikes. I had an old one and it kept having issues and they took care of me. I have only had good interaction with them. I am not able to buy another power meter.