Power meter advice: Vectors or Quarq?

I’m looking to get a new bike and I considering Quarq factory installed by Trek for $750 or Garmin Vectors for $799 (currently on sale). So, price is basically the same. Having read both reviews on DC Rainmaker it seems both are solid devices. Vectors have the advantage that you can easily swap between bikes, but I’m not going to do that they’ll just stay on the one bike (future benefit perhaps???).

So, how would should I choose between them?

Chance of pedal strike often?

This would be a road bike and I don’t race, so I’d say very unlikely.

Emotionally? For that price I’d get the Quark.


Quarq all day long. And I’ve tried so hard to love the Vectors… so f’ing hard, for two years. I tolerate them like a shitty workmate who doesn’t pull their weight.

The Quarq DZero I installed last week just worked, was killer accurate, gives me the option to go back to SPD-SL blue cleats, and and looks pretty neat. The DZero has a seat at my Christmas table dinner. It’s family now. :wink:

Reviews, views, hacks, etc of both over on my YouTube. Skip the multiple Vector videos and watch the Quarq one.


Yes, I’ve seen the frustration you had with the Vector 3’s when they were new. I was under the impression that those issues had been worked out.

One thing about the Quarq is that it does change the look of the drivetrain. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I do prefer the look of the new 9100 Shimano crankset over the Quarq. For sure I’d choose something that “just worked” over appearance though.

History is a powerful detractor… the Vectors took months to get sorted. There’s still room for me to love them again. The Assiomas rocked up and out performed them from day 1 though…

RE: The look of the Shimano crank… I don’t want to see another Shimano R8000 or R9100 crank for the rest of my days after installing so many of the things this year with the promise “they’ll be accurate”. None were. I look at that Quarq and think “Yep, it’s likely you can trust that”.


I might be the only person on this forum who is largely happy with the Vectors, and I’ve experienced every problem they’ve had. I got Garmin to send me a new set of pedals in May due to a pedal body seperation issue. The newest set has probably 300+ hours of use on them with no issues. I have had three pedal strikes in the almost two years of using them, but all were in race scenarios where I was getting greedy pedaling out of turns. The newest set has been bulletproof, though I do use baby oil on the batteries. I haven’t had power spikes or dropouts at all that I can recall in six months.

I got them to swap between bikes and they’ve worked well for that purpose. That said, if I had to do it again, I’d probably get single sided Assiomas. The only thing my dual sided Vectors have shown me is I don’t need dual sided power meters.

I know you did not mention them, but I would go for the Favero Assioma Pedals. They have been bomb proof for me and very reliable. They even have the cycling dynamics that Garmin have, except for the pedal pressure position. Also the company is crazy good at replying to questions and even looked into my power meter one time remotely from Italy just to confirm all was good with them. I wont go back to a spider based power meter due to the versatility of the pedals being able to switch between different bikes. Just my two cents. Honestly both are great meters but as GPLama said, Quarq is going to be the most reliable with the best history.


For that price the only choice is the Quarq. I’ve had both and the Faveros (which I still have) and the Quarq is just rock solid and dependable.

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I have a Quarq on my MTB and I beat the hell out of this year and yet it’s performed as good as new.

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I have 2 quarqs, did have 1 die on me, but a quick warranty turn around and it was back up and running in no time.

They just work all the time every time

I have two Quarqs. Rock. F’ing. Solid.



I’ve had the Vectors for well over a year now and used them on multiple bikes. No issues. Not one. I love them.

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Based on what I heard I’d stay away from the Vectors, I wanted dual sided power but was too OCD to ditch my R8000 crank, I quite like the look, so I went for Assioma DUOs. If you want pedals that seems to be the way to go, otherwise the quarq is the clear winner of your two

I got Vectors back in August. The right pedal separated from the body, so Garmin replaced them. The new set was ok for a couple of months, but last week I had a more or less solid power dropout for 20 minutes (on a climb, no less) and then inconsistent numbers for the rest of the ride. Firmware was up to date and batteries were new. Also, I miss my speedplays. In your position, I think I’d go with Quarq ten times out of ten.

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I’d also go with the Quark power meter.

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I should add that I’m currently out of state for a couple of months and was unable to bring my bike. Instead, I brought my Vectors and got a membership at the local gym where I use their spin bikes. Takes about 2 min. to remove their pedals and put mine on each day. Another 2 min. after the workout to remove the vectors and put their pedals back on. So far, it’s been great. That versatility of a pedal based system is pretty cool.


The OP gave us the choice between two specific power meters. @dcrainmaker and @GPLama both seem to really like their Assiomas, which are not just cheaper, but have been very reliable and accurate for them.

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+1 for the Quarq
I’ve changed my unit between 3 bikes.
If you like the shimano look maybe look into the d-four meter for shimano rings?