Quarq crank problem

I recently bought a set of Quarq carbon cranks to put a Dzero power meter on. Got it all together and set up only to find that there was a flaw in the drive side pedal threads which won’t allow it to fit. Looks like a pin/plug inside the crank that has pushed out after the threads were cut. Any ideas?
I hope the photo works

Fuzzy pic at the threads, which sounds like the point of concern.

  1. Contact your place of purchase or Quarq to discuss a warrantee. This assumes you bought a new crank that is still covered.

  2. If the above is not true, you may be able to have a bike shop review the issue, and possibly chase the threads with a tap to clean the threads. No idea if this will work, since the picture is inconclusive in detail, but it would be one option if you don’t have the choice to get it repaired or replaced via warrantee.

It’s brand new. So I asse it will be covered by the warranty. Just a pain in the ass to find it once I got everything setup and adjusted.

Very hard to get the camera to focus on it, but there is a 5mm circle of raised threads in the middle. I’ve never seen anything like it before

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I see it a bit now. Might be part of the assembly process, a pin or something that is pressed into place. That appears to be done, and then the hole is tapped. If my guess is right, that pin seems to have “backed out” of the hole after tapping. Odd indeed.

Good luck on getting it replaced, because that is not supposed to happen and sure looks like a manufacturer defect.

:+1: Exactly what I was thinking.
Guess I’ll just look for a replacement from the seller