Quarq Riken compatibility

I have an older Quarq Riken (carbon arms, GXP) that reports wonky numbers whenever it gets ridden in any sort of moist conditions. After a few days, the zero offset will settle back down to a normal range and it will report reasonable numbers… but obviously this isn’t ideal. I’m looking at the DZero GXP as a replacement and wondering if that power meter spider is compatible or if I also need to replace my crankarms. It appears to have the same bolt pattern on the spider but I don’t know if that’s enough to know that it fits.

Any geniuses out there have a better answer? I looked at the secondary market for GXP Quarqs but they’re going for more than new ones these days. Quarq is pushing DUB and kinda hides the fact that they even still make GXP cranks on their site so I’m guessing people still committed to GXP think it’s the only option.


Unfortunately, Quarq changed the spider to crank arm bolt pattern between the older Riken and newer Dzero. So if you got the newer Dzero spider, you will need new crank arms.

As an alternative, have you reached out to Quarq to see if you can get a new battery cap for your Riken? From what you are experiencing, I would bet some moisture is getting into the battery compartment. So a new battery cap (also check the o-ring that should seal the battery compartment) might solve the problem.

Thanks - I’ll see if a new battery cap and o-ring might do it. Alternately, I might just consign the Riken to a dedicated trainer bike and replace it for outdoor use.

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Contact Quarqs customer service. They are really good about handling things. My old PM stopped working and they couldn’t fix it, it was pretty old, and let me buy a new one at cost.