Quality over Quantity vs. 80/20 (or Chad vs. Matt ;))

Stream episode The Watts Doc #12: Can Fiber Type Predict Carb or Fat Use? by Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

The above the triathlon show podcast does a really good job of going through it, and the empirical cycling podcast discusses the relationship between fibre type and energy production.

The jist is that an athlete with a high VLa Max will rely more on glucose, which intuitively makes sense because a higher Vla Max means you produce more lactate which requires glucose.

In terms of fighting adaptations, think of it this way. If rider A and B both have the same V02 max they then have the same ability to utilise and clear lactate.

So if rider A has the higher VLa Max, they will produce a larger amount of lactate than rider B for the same watts. Therefore, while rider B might be at their MLSS at say 300 watts, rider A will be producing significantly more lactate at 300 watts, and because they both have the same capacity to clear lactate it means that rider A will be working above their MLSS and therefore have a lower MLSS than rider B, despite having the same V02 max.

That is my understanding of it, the triathlon show podcast does a good deep dive into it all.

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